Monday, June 17, 2013 is born

Well I am pleased to announce the new site is up and running thanks to a lot of work from a good friend. is the new site.  It is sleak and clean looking.  My goal is to have a lot of writing on my travels as I go but also to start writing about some of my past adventures as well.  I hope it will be a source of knowledge for some, a source of inspiration for others, and a place of creativity for myself.  A big thank you is needed for David Aviles who is my computer and coding guru.  For those of you who are using a computer at work or on a non secure server you may have to access the new site using . While the site is currently launched it is still under construction.  Lots will be coming sortly, as I travel a lot will be written as I go along from my present trip as well as from my past. so check back frequently and don't forget to check out my interactive map page.