Friday, June 22, 2012

I'm Singing in the Rain

Biking through a Thunderstorm

So today on my way home from work I could see even before getting out the door just through the window that an epic storm was on its way.  It was dark and gloomy out, with winds gusting through the tops of the trees.  It was also ridiculously hot out still. As I said goodbye to my co-workers I joked about my zero percent chance of beating the storm.  They all said "be careful and good luck" as they always do.  Don't worry I know they think I am crazy for my super long commute and now extra crazy for leave as a storm approached.  Honestly I never look at the weather and weather usually does not bother me at all.  As I made my turn onto the street I saw the edge of the storm just to the East of me and it gave me a hope that I could be it after all. However as I hauled as fast as I could to race to leading edge of the storm I came to the sad realization that I was not going to beat it.  It started to drizzle as I zipped past all the stand still traffic. Sometimes its amazing the feeling you get when you ride your bike.  Beating traffic is one of those great feelings. That small drizzle turned quickly into a light rain and then into a heavy down pour just in time for the hill climb to start.  It was so bad that as I was biking uphill there was a river of water flowing down hill that extended into the lane so that as cars passed me I was getting wet from the wave my tires were creating as well as the massive splashing wave the passing cars were making.  In a little kid adventure way it was amazingly fun.  Instead of finding it hard I was have such a good time that I didn't even really notice the climb.  I guess it mush have been coming down really hard because 3 different cars slowed down on the hills and rolled down their windows to ask if I was ok and if I wanted to throw my bike in their cars for a ride.  I politely declined because in my head and sometimes out loud I was singing as loud as I could the lyrics to "Singing in the Rain" I gave up trying to beat the storm and just made the best out of being in the storm.  It seemed to make climbing a lot easier for me, I found myself climbing harder and faster then I usually do.  After I settled into my ride when I finished my climbs and braking for death down the hills I kept up my pace as best I could to avoid getting cold.  Eventually it stopped raining fully after almost and hour and then I just road home like a wet dog for the last hour.  It was a great way to brake in the new bike: 100 miles in 2 days and a hell of a thunderstorm to add some dirt and grime to my too perfect toy, my cyclocross bike the Scott CX team.  Equipment is supposed to get used and I intend to!

Get out and ride