Monday, June 4, 2012

Welcome to the Adventure Garage Blog by Paul Mandala


I am excited to say that this is my first blog ever! I really don't know much about blogging but have been thinking about starting one for a while.  The main goal of my blog is to share my thoughts and experiences with those of you who would like to read about the adventures of a a not-so-city-slicker as he grows up.  I guess my main goal will be to write about some of my adventures and travels.   I'll try and offer some advice from experience and advice on gear that I use along the way.

The inspiration behind the title of the blog came from the first time my mom asked me to clean out the garage!  My friends and I rose to the occasion and not only cleaned out the garage but decided to basically make it so we could live out of it in a club house type fashion.  Best decision ever!  Almost 10 years later and the adventures have not stopped and have only grown bigger and better. It started out with Luke and Newton, and since then everyone has joined in; Sam, Doug, Mike, Bubba, Diego etc.  The garage has changed a lot over the years and a whole bunch of people have visited but one thing is for sure; we always find a way to have fun.

Pictured from left to right: Luke Angelini, Newton Bleffe, Paul Mandala