Thursday, August 23, 2012

Big screen Adventures

So recently I have been hanging out with an old high school buddy of mine who is pursuing his dreams of becoming a movie director.  He was asking around for a place to shoot so of course while my mom was gone for a week I volunteered the house.  We shot a party scene upstairs as well as a college apartment scene in the basement.  Glad my place still looks like I am a college kid.  All the actors were great and although shooting took a little longer then I wanted we still had a great time shooting.  The clip was for a tv series about high school wresting and after the filming I wanted to be back in high school.  Especially high school girls!  A few weeks later I saw the clip and was amazed at what peter was able to create.  He has some talent for sure.
That was not the only thing I helped with.  My later role was much more intense.  Its pretty cool to actually be in a movie.  It was a batman beyond short that was being made to coincide with the new batman movie release.  There was a lot involved in the behind the scenes; prepping gear, transporting gear, getting all dolled up with make up (I was a joker goon), plus a long night of shooting on top of an apartment complex in Brooklyn.  The make up artist did an amazing job on everyone but for me in particular did an outstanding job.  Man was I creepy!  It was my first experience actually being in a film and I was surprised at how long each little aspect of a scene takes.  we filmed for hours just to have a short video.  It came out AMAZING!

Check out the Batman clip