Friday, January 11, 2013

Revisiting a long lost dream through a dream

So I had a day off work and needed a little boost to my life so I decided to go do something I love that I have not been doing enough of. Hiking!
Nature is truly inspiring
Here is a little story poem with pictures taken from my meander through the forest

"Yesterdays dream is Tomorrow's reality"

I was hiking alone through an old dream
Visiting the woods of my past

I stumble upon something simple yet beautiful, Water.
I remember I have not fallen into this stream in a long time

So I push my luck
Found some new tree bridges to cross

It all looks a little wider then I remember 
Guess a hurricane changes things sometimes

Its beauty however is all still there
Slightly changed she is still incredible every time

Deeper and deeper Into my dream I follow my mind further and further off the trail

Even Found a ghost of past under the ice. I remember hunting big bull frogs on these waters years ago

Water flowing an ever constant in my mind everywhere I go

Flowing falls although icy they may be lead some where
somewhere worth risking the chill

Higher and higher I climb against the flow
following my old dream path

To find a favorite old spot on a tiny little pond
A place to sit and ponder as the ducks and frogs swim by

This old spot leads to finding an old inviting path and the dream continues
To find more of nature's gifts

To see little Simple things that make you smile
Glimpses of the cycles of life

To see and feel the warmth of the woods and sun

Travelling over bog boards to nowhere

That lead to A frozen pond with twin islands

I follow around the bend and am lead to a favorite sight, a beautiful rock bluff, enticing to climb for a simple view and pleasure of the climb

And pass over barley used beautiful walks with inviting elegant snow

To learn about the destruction that happened while I was away

Which remind me of how the past is connected with the future, dreams of past can be reality of today, and Destruction of winter leads to New growth of spring. Keep moving forward