Sunday, January 20, 2013

Relaxing weekend catching up with Friends from Multiple Parts of My Random Crazy Life

After work, I decided to shoot down to Monmouth to catch dinner at Jacks, my old favorite bar, with some old friends.  I almost missed it because when I got home from work, I took a nap and woke up at the last possible minute.  I'm definitely glad I didn't oversleep.
I had dinner with Joe, Greg, Reynolds, Vince, Joe's friends and then later Sarah joined us. It was delicious and I had a massive perogee bacon pizza to myself.  It was fun sitting around chatting, watching both hockey games on tv, and playing darts while having a few drinks.  After dinner, everyone left but I decided to stay and hang out with some other friends, Aly and Kate from my grade, and Kaci and Jenelle from Australia and their friends.  It was sweet to catch up with them. 
However my real fun for the night started after that while visiting some of the fraternity brothers, Jason, Kevin, and Matt. Timmons was playing the dice board game that we had played in Canada a few nights ago (that he apparently stole). The group of us, plus a few girls Amanda, Kae, and Michelle sat around playing and watching movies on tv late into the night until everyone got tired. Kev, Matt and I stayed up playing beer ball till almost 5 in the morning.

I was super stoked that somehow after leaving Matt's house at 4:30 in the morning to go sleep on the beach on a random day in January after drinking all night, I was able to wake up after only a few hours to see the sunrise with enough energy to start my day.  After checking to see if anyone was awake, I found Greg who gave me a spot to re-plan my day from his room. 
Thankfully Bill Reynolds and Vincent were serious about getting up for a hike because everyone else who said they were ready to go weren't actually.  I even had my doubts about vnce since he didn’t pick up right away and sounded help asleep when he finally did answer.  Even so I know he is glad I make him go on these adventures. 
We met up at Vince’s aunts house or i should probably say mansion!  It is massive and I don’t think anyone needs a house that big.  However, it was gorgeous and she was an absolute sweetheart of a lady and gave us a nice little tour of the house.  The view from the back yard to the Manasquan river is unbelievable.  The living room, kitchen and side room are spectacular especially because there are massive windows facing the river that let natural light pour in leaving the room feeling very open. Even the entrance of the, down the driveway is impressive with a big loop around a rockwalled in pond and a huge side garage and parking area with guest house.  There is a beautiful little green house, swimming pool and hot tub behind that.  It was all so beautiful that I almost felt out of place. 
I was glad to start the hike and get back into my preferred world of natural beauty. We started across the street at Huber woods. The hike started out super easy and didn't really change pace.  It went from a nice open field to a serene wooded trail. It was easy going all the way and we spent most of our energy talking and catching up.  As per usual, I did less of the talking and more of the listening and watching. I even sent a few messages with my cell to overseas. The conversation was great, though I had forgotten how long it had been.  So much had happened in all our lives. The most exciting is that Reynolds is becoming a grandpa! 
Huber woods was a pleasant stroll on a bunch of different looped trails. Time seemed to slip away and I guess the miles too because we were out for a while.  I only had one little side trip when I saw a tree balanced completely horizontal 20feet or so in the air against all the other naturally standing ones. It must have snapped and gotten stuck during one of the storms. Anyway, it caught my eye as well as the other two, who tried to ignore it.  Reynolds held back his challenge, but Vincent did not so I dropped my stuff and climbed my way up using first the small end branches dangling down to the floor, even though I was not quite sure that they would hold my weight. Then I made my way up to the larger, more stable trunk part of the tree that looked like it was barely hanging on as gusts of wind shook both me and the trunk back and forth.  A few good pictures later and I was satisfied and thoroughly scared from my fear of heights. 
Shortly afterwards, we were done with our little hike. It was one of the most beautiful days in January that I can remember. After eating a small lunch, we sat around and played Settlers of Catan and chatted and laughed. It was a great break after the hike and I was super excited because it was the first time I won that game. 
Afterwards we called it a day and headed our separate ways.  I'm glad I had some down time this weekend to catch up with some of my favorite people that I do not get to see often enough.